It's Here! Our New Album!

IT'S HERE!! We are so excited to finally share this music with you.

In October 2015, President Russell M. Nelson issued a call to righteous women to “step forward! Take your rightful and needful place in your home, in your community, and in the kingdom of God—more than you ever have before." The three of us could NOT get this talk off our minds- and over the last year we've noticed a movement of righteous women rising up to answer this call. It’s been really inspiring to watch, because as women of the world are becoming louder and more vocal, SO ARE WOMEN OF THE KINGDOM.

Each track on this album was created to empower and support each other as we seek for ways to answer Elder Nelson’s call. Together, we can do this.

For the next several months we will be offering invitations, resources, and ideas of ways we can each step forward. We hope you'll join our community of "certain" women, standing strong in a world of sinking sand, fighting for marriage and motherhood, and making important things happen by our faith.

What each of us has to give may be small. But the Lord will take our simple loaf of bread and turn it into a overflowing basketful. Will you join us? There are hearts to heal, mountains to move, and angels anxious to help. It's time to minister. It's time to lead.

It’s time to step forward.

Mercy River