Step Forward Spotlight: Heidi's Story

Our “Step Forward” series spotlights women who have stepped forward in their homes, communities, or in the kingdom of God. Follow along on our blog for more uplifting stories and resources as we each consider ways to answer President Nelson’s call.


Heidi is an Idahoan, housewife, and mother of three.

Oh, and she helps rescue children from sex slavery.

A few years ago, Heidi heard Tim Ballard on the radio and learned about his organization, Operation Underground Railroad-- a non-profit which assists governments around the world in the rescue of children from sex slavery. She immediately signed up as an “abolitionist” (giving monthly donations). But the spirit told her she should do more.

First, she organized a fundraiser with the wives of her husband’s company. Next she and a friend opened a bake sale stand at the local farmers market. Then she organized a race in her town. After helping raise several thousand dollars on a grassroots level, O.U.R. asked Heidi to act as the Community Relations Manager, organizing and supporting volunteer teams across the country.

Heidi says, “I always think about the story Tim Ballard tells about the first rescue he ever did for a brother and sister. The sister told Tim that she always knew that God would send someone to save them, 'eventually.’ I know God works through us to help His children in need. So I feel like it is our duty, my duty, to do what I can. I stepped forward by overcoming my fears and following the spirit. I stepped forward because children are suffering and need our help.”

Each step of the way, she has involved her own children.

“Somehow it just feels like such the right thing to do to have kids helping other kids,” she says. “My children talk about 'the people who save the kids' often and I pray every day to know what else I should do to help. We also pray as a family for O.U.R. and especially the jump teams when they are in action.”

The world is saturated with suffering, and it often feels like we can’t do much to make a difference. But we can’t let our insecurities or keep us from stepping forward, as the spirit directs, in small ways.

Heidi’s race, “Run to Break the Chain,” is now in it’s third year, and 100% of the proceeds go to O.U.R. If you know anyone in the Rexburg/Idaho Falls area, let them know about this fun way to help.

If you are interested in stepping forward to help O.U.R. in any way, big or small, contact Heidi at