Just Like A Father Would

Tyler Castleton

You always know when I’m drifting

When I’m lost and I’m hurt

Somehow You know the pleadings of my heart

Before I’ve spoken a word

When I fail You’re there to catch me and say

I know you did the best that you could

Just like a father, just like a father would


You gently show me my weakness

Then You teach me how to change

And though I wander on my journey

You’re love always remains

When the heartache comes and I’m devastated

Somehow You turn it for my good

Just like a father, just like a father would


Your heart breaks when my heart is breaking

Cause You’ve been down this road before

When You desperately want to rush in and help

You know I have to learn these lessons for myself


You know the burdens I carry, how they’ve built up like a dam

You help me see the mistakes I have made

That they don’t define who I am

You softly whisper when its time to let go

When I hold the heartache longer than I should


You believe in me,

You love me perfectly

As only the Father of my spirit ever could

Just like a father, just like my Father would