Walk You Through the Night

(Cherie Call) © 2013 Mendonhouse Music

I don’t have eyes in the back of my head

And I don’t wear bright red knee high boots, or a leotard with an “s”

And I only have five senses, the sixth one is never there

When I don’t know why you’re crying, and I just have to guess


I see you’re having trouble sleeping, so am I

I’ve been hoping I know how to raise you right

I can’t cast a magic spell, but I can take you for a trip around the block

Rest your head now while I hold you tight

And I will walk you through the night


As we walk beneath the sparkling stars

Your body is getting heavier, you’re finally giving in

And my mind slips through the future to the troubles you could have

And I don’t know how to fix them, I’ll just have to guess


You are bound you have some nightmares, so am I

But you can count on me to hold you when you cry

I can’t take it all away, but I can tell you I’ve been down this road before

I can’t promise that I’ll always get it right

But I will walk you through the night


And if its raining, I will drive you

And if its late at night, I don’t care what time you call

I may not be the best at very many things

But I believe I love you perfectly


Time goes by so relentlessly

And I hope that you outlive me, it’s how it’s meant to be

And I believe in Heaven but there are still some things

That I just can’t fully fathom, I just have to guess


If God will grant my wish, I will wait for you

Beyond the veil just before you slip through

And as you softly close your eyes,

I will sing my lullabies to you

And before you make your way into the the light

I will walk you through the night