Dear Teenager: He Has What You Need

Dear Teenager, 

You brush your teeth every day. (In theory. Just nod your head.) 

Why? Because every day our teeth are being attacked by tarter, gingivitis, decay, and those little popcorn kernels that get stuck way in the back. If you went too long without brushing, your teeth would suffer. Also, I’m not sure you would have any friends. 

Reading your scriptures is the same. Each day, your spirit is being attacked by doubts, fears, temptations, and shame, and we need a daily brush with God’s word to shield us from these assaults. If we miss even one day of this nourishment, our spirits suffer. 

Remember the children of Israel? God gave them enough bread for one day at a time. Just what they needed for THAT day. 

He does the same for us. In His word, our “daily bread,” we find what we need for THAT day. 

So, what do you need today? 

Encouragement? Answers? Comfort? Courage? Happiness? Maybe you don’t know what you need. But He does. And He’s waiting for you to take it. 

Sometimes it comes in the actual words you read. Sometimes, it comes as ideas WHILE you read. Sometimes, just BECAUSE you read, the Holy Ghost will help you later. 

And sometimes, you may feel like you did NOT get what you need. But because you’ve positioned yourself close to Him, you know everything will be ok. You can feel it. Because you can feel Him. 

Scriptures are not just words. 

This is really important to understand. There is a power in His word we cannot yet comprehend. Something happens to us inside when we read them. Little by little, they change our very natures. 

And so? It’s ok if you don’t understand the words. It’s ok if sometimes you feel bored when you read them. Keep reading. It’s not all about the words. 

Protection. Answers. Confidence. Strength. 

Don’t waste this investment. Don’t waste His help! 
It doesn’t have to be long. Just keep reading.

Every. Day. 

Ps, don’t forget to brush your teeth.

Mercy River