Dear Teenager: You Are Good

Dear Teenager,

“I am.”

There’s something you might want to know about these two words. We use them every day to speak about ourselves. But “I am” is more than just a phrase.

It’s also a name.

It is one of the many names of Jesus Christ (Exodus 3:14). As members of His church, we have covenanted to take His name upon us. Which means this-- whenever we say, “I am”...

...we are using His name.

That’s one reason it doesn’t feel good to talk negatively about yourself. Putting yourself down, in a sense, is taking His name in vain.

Another reason it hurts to say things like, “I am bad,” or “I’m so stupid” is because it isn’t true. You, at your core-- your true, eternal, pure self--  is not bad or stupid. Yes, we have some natural tendencies from living in a fallen world. Sometimes we “betray” Christ. But your weaknesses are just mortal baggage. They are not attributes of your original nature. You are not, and you never have been, bad or stupid.

Would you ever say these things about Him? Then don’t say them about yourself.

Contrastly, when you say something positive after “I am” (“I am strong,” “I am capable”), you are accessing the power of His name. THERE IS POWER IN HIS NAME! And using it properly gives you the power to become.

Maybe you don’t feel you are good. Maybe you don’t feel strong, talented, or confident. That’s ok. Use His name. “I am good.” Say it. Repeat it. Write it. In time, you will believe it. You will become it.

Because, when His name becomes your name-- His nature will become your nature.  

Every Sunday, you take bread and water to witness that you are willing to take upon you the name of Jesus Christ --the Great I AM. Commit to only use it in positive ways.

He is good.

And so are you.

Mercy River