Dear Teenager: There's a War For Your Soul

Dear Teenager,

There’s a war for your soul. Simply stated, God is jealous for your heart and Satan wants to crush you. (Be flattered.) It’s not easy to navigate the push and pull of these two forces. But you are doing GREAT. You really are. 

I know it’s confusing to see friends being causal about the commandments, and I know not every standard makes sense to you. But let me explain something. 

When the children of Israel were escaping from Egypt, God sent a “destroying angel” to slay every first born in each home-- UNLESS their doorposts were painted with the blood of a perfect Lamb. This became the “Passover.”

This same destroying angel is alive and well today. It manifests as addiction, immorality, cheating, pornography, and a dozen other destructive ways. Luckily, to those who keep the commandments, God says, “I, the Lord, give unto them a promise, that the destroying angel shall pass by them, as the children of Israel” (D&C 89: 18-21). 

In other words, you don’t need to paint blood on your door, but you DO need to paint some lines. Put your parents and leaders aside for a second and make this just between you and God. Decide for yourself. How far will you go? What will you say? What will you watch? This “paint” keeps you off-limits from the destroying angel. Step outside of the line, and you’re fair game.

Choose a passover. 

But, remember, if you DO find yourself in the grip of the destroying angel, there is a way out. When Jesus sat down for His last Passover meal-- the Last Supper-- He broke bread and water. These emblems symbolized His sacrifice that would happen only a few hours later. The blood of your Perfect Lamb can set you free, and it’s never too late.

I know you are trying. I know your parents don’t always recognize your efforts, and occasionally overreact. That’s because sometimes they get scared. They remember what it was like to be your age, and some of them have suffered for years because of choices they made. Be patient with them. They are working on their faith, too. Just remember, from your parents (Heavenly OR earthly),  “Thou shalt not” really means, “I love you.”

Stick with it, warrior. You got this.

Mercy River