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My Imperfect Neighbor Gift

It's no secret I'm not a baker (proof here and here). Sure, I make cookies with my kids, but if I have to bake something for someone over 12 years old and it has to taste good AND look good AND be packaged in something other than a paper plate and a ziplock bag, I'm panicked. I'm not crafty either. That's why Christmas neighbor gifts stress me to the max. Some years they don't get done, and I know that's ok. But there are some years when I KNOW I need to make a few visits and spread some love.

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When Pain is the Answer to Prayers

Many of you know my family and I have been praying to get pregnant for a few years. That prayer was answered this past February. We were of course over the moon about the news, but my due date came fairly close to a Time Out for Women event in Phoenix (which we had been scheduled  for several months before the positive pregnancy test). Nevertheless, I trusted in the Lord’s timing. He knew my schedule. He knew I wanted to attend that event. As the event drew closer I often asked the Lord if I should go or stay home. My answer was never clear, so I decided to just move ahead. 

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