The Great and Spacious Makeup Kit!

One Young Women fireside we do is called, "The Great and Spacious Makeup Kit." We have such a blast using items in our “Spiritual Makeup Kit” to combat the “Great and Spacious Makeup Kit”---also known as Satan’s deceptions.

Satan has is trying his hardest to distract young women from what is most important! We feel so strongly about encouraging young women to develop confidence in themselves by pleasing Heavenly Father, not by pleasing the crowd. Developing Christlike attributes and habits makes a person not only beautiful, but absolutely stunning from the inside out!
A few weeks ago we shared this program with a great group of young women in Lehi, Utah. They took the theme and ran with it--just check out these "makeup bag" cakes that some leaders made for each girl. Each cake was "quilted" and had a zipper and everything. And each cake was unique. Amazing. Definitely a talent I do NOT have!

To book this fireside for YOUR young women, visit our website and send us an email! And feel free to pass this info along to any YW leader you know who may be interested!