At the Feet of an Apostle

Last week, Brooke, Soni and I had the privilege of attending a Deseret Book banquet. The best part was not the amazing food, not being in the same room with incredible authors and artists, not even getting a night away from the kids.

It was sitting at the feet of an apostle.

We didn't know that Elder Bednar and his family would be attending that night. When he walked in I thought my husband might pass out! (We love Elder Bednar because he was our President at Ricks College.)We got to shake hands and visit for a moment, and Brooke (lucky) even got to ride in the elevator with him.

After dinner he spoke to us about some of his experiences while being an apostle. What hit me the most was the reminder that the gospel is SO personal. It is so one-on-one. The Lord would send an apostle half way around the world to help ONE PERSON. Just one.

It's about individuals.

If the Lord would send someone as busy and important as an apostle to help ONE person...surely He would need me, and you, to help in the same cause (cuuuuz, last time I looked, He had a LOT of children...)

I have since looked more closely, more carefully around me--seeing faces, reading expressions, searching for a need.Who around me needs MY help? Who is the person that the Lord needs me to wrap an arm around?

What a fantastic reminder that the Lord would--and will--come after each of us one by one. And how humbling to remember that at times, He is counting on US to reach out--so that through our arms, that precious ONE will feel His love.