Meet Evan

This is our friend Evan.

First thing you notice when you meet him-he is hilarious. He has a great, dry sense of humor. The kind of guy who passes off jokes without a crack of a smile, (until we're done laughing). You're immediately comfortable with him. He's very open, and out going. He has a love for music. And he's not afraid to ask for what he wants. (i.e. for his mission farewell, he wanted the group, Afterglow to perform. So he asked, and they came! I loved that.) His wife Julie is beyond darling. They've been sweethearts for a long time, and they're the kind of couple that seem like they're still newly weds.

Evan has a great love and respect for his friends. Oh, and his friend tally is pretty high too. But it's pretty easy to see why people love Evan.

Oh, and Evan has cancer. He's very open about it. He knows that one day soon, it'll take his life. But he's the kind of person that has taken this trial in stride. And despite (or maybe because of) this challenge he and Julie have faced, they are both glowing with their testimonies. It's very, very clear how they feel about this Gospel, the plan God has for them, and their acceptance. Just amazing, amazing people.

We had the privilege to do a concert for Evan, Julie, and their loved ones. Evan called it, "His going away party". He joked that, since he wouldn't be able to hang out with them at his funeral, he decided he would throw himself his own shin-dig. (Although he made it clear he wasn't going anytime soon-he's too stubborn for that!) As I looked around that room, you could almost feel the love these people had for Evan and Julie. It was an incredible night, and we have made a couple of life-long friends. Thank you for including us Mattingly family, it was an honor.

Evan and Julie.

We had to add this one-Evan's brother looks just like Kenny Loggins! We got a kick out of that.