The Indianapolis Baggage Gnomes

On the plane to Indy  

Mercy River and the AMAZING TOFW presenters

I, Whitney, had never set foot in Indiana until 2 weeks ago, where MR was lucky enough to travel to for TOFW. At first glance, it seemed to be a pretty nice, normal place. But THAT'S before we came face to face with........THE INDIANA BAGGAGE GNOMES. Ok, we didn't actually SEE them, but I know they exist. How? Because they stole our carry ons--THAT's how! It's a curious thing to carry your luggage ON to the plane, but because of a crowded flight, have your luggage taken OFF the plane....and nabbed by those pesky gnomes. Thus, we landed in Indianapolis last Friday with, literally, the clothes we had on.

I was kind of excited to perform on Saturday in sneakers and ratty Old Navy T-Shirts, but our boss lady Laurel wasn't hot on the idea. And so, instead of enjoying Friday night's event, we headed to the mall to frantically find coordinating outfits for the next day. I know, I know. Life's tough when you're with your best friends in a cool city and you HAVE to go shopping. We suffered through the agony of it all.

Aside from all the luggage drama (and btw, all luggage showed up at 6am Sat morning!), Indianapolis was INCREDIBLE! I was boggled by the fact that although I had heard most of the speakers before, it was as if I was hearing them all for the first time. I guess it'f kind of like reading the scriptures--different things jump out at you at different times. (Now LISTEN--if you have ANY chance of attending a TOFW in 2010, DON'T PASS IT UP. The stories and speakers this year are life-changing.)

To the women of Indy: Thank you SO MUCH for your kindness and laughter. Your energy and faith were so soothing to the souls of these three tired mommies. We hope to see you again!!