So it's late Sunday night, and I can not shut my brain off. Blame it on pregnancy, a too-long Sunday nap, or just the upcoming General Conference weekend. (I tend to get philosophical during this time!) But lately I've been thinking about what improvements I need to make in my life. And I've decided I need to love more.

But first, let me say this. I really don't like dandelions. (Isn't that a great thing to say? Right after I said I need to "love more". Just stay with me, folks.) Emily Freeman talks about dandelions in her Time Out for Women presentation, so that may be the reason they are on my mind. They are a constant presence in my yard. No matter how often I fertilize my grass, or pull each seedling, they are persistent little buggers, with their obnoxious yellow heads that leave yellow streaks on my arm, their stubborn roots, and those fluffs that just spread their wealth. I shudder at the thought of those fluffs.

But a couple years ago, while out walking with my kids, my 2 year old daughter gave me a special gift. The first flower she picked, especially for me. And you can guess what "flower" it was. Yep. A Dandelion. "For You!" she said, in the sweetest voice. "Because I love you!"

All of a sudden, that dandelion wasn't so awful. For that moment, I saw the dandelion as my daughter saw it. With it's vivid color and hundreds of petals what's not to admire?  That day my daughter's love turned that weed into something I'll always remember. It's amazing what love will do to our vision.

So now I'm thinking about the "weeds" in my life. There are definitely certain people that may fall under that category. People that have hurt me or hurt the ones I hold close to my heart. (I have a mama bear in me that rears it's ugly head whenever someone I love feels pain.) But maybe I'm missing that key ingredient-LOVE. Maybe if I tried to love them-prayed to love them-I would see them as our Savior sees them. Someone worth dying for. Maybe if I had the courage to forgive I could see THEIR vivid colors. Maybe if I had charity in my heart for each of my "weeds", I would find a beautiful person underneath, who's trying their best-just like me.

So that's my goal. To love my weeds. And now it's out for the world to see, so maybe that'll hold me more accountable! ;) Wish me luck...