The Things We Love

NOTE: This post was originally published at The Things I Love Most. First of all, we are so happy to be here today. What better thing to blog about then the things you love? We were so inspired by this, we wanted to share our own loves. I sat down with Whitney and Soni interview-style to find out their answers. (And I threw mine in there as well.) Here’s how our interview went:


ME: Girls, it’s so good to sit with you and chat about things we love. Let’s start with the obvious. Food. SONI: I love gooey homemade brownies with homemade frosting. Or pretty much anything that is slightly undercooked. WHITNEY: Popcorn, cheese, chicken noodle soup, avocados, and green smoothies. ME: (Silence) WHITNEY: Not together Brooke. ME: Right. OK, my answer is Banana Cake. It’s amazing.

ME: Next question. What do you love to do with your true love? SONI: Date nights at Plates and Palates (a little local restaurant.) But only if he lets me have my own white chocolate peppermint cheesecake. ME: Sooo, do you love the date night, or the cheesecake? SONI:…Yes. ME: OK. I also love date night, especially when it involves shopping. It’s rare, but it’s beautiful when it happens. Whit? WHITNEY: My favorite date nights include GOOD Mexican food and a movie.

ME: OK, what do you LOVE about being a mom? WHITNEY: I love the way my 8 month old son’s hands slap against the kitchen floor as he crawls. I love the way my 1st grade son writes everything so phonetically, I love that I have a daughter right in the middle of my 4 boys. ME: Aww! I LOVE that answer! SONI: I love talking with them while I’m tucking them in at night. Even if it means they go to bed a little late. ME: And I love being outside with my kids. Watching them ride their bikes, selling lemonade, finding bugs. And I also love how it wears them out. It makes bedtime so much smoother.

ME: What do you love to do in your spare time? WHITNEY: I love reading, especially historical fiction. I love to write—stories and music. I love to create, just not through crafts. I repeat: I do not have a crafty bone in my body. SONI: I love learning about deep, doctrinal principles from LDS scholars. ME: Soni, that’s deep! I’m impressed. OK, and my answer would be, I love to bake. And I don’t want to hear about the health effects. The person who said “Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels” CLEARLY never had Banana Cake. WHITNEY: You’ve already mentioned Banana Cake.

ME: Oh.

ME: What is a love you have that some may consider quirky? SONI: I love the early Spring—when it’s a little cold in the shade, but perfect in the sun. And I love counting. Like stairs, the number of times my kids brush their teeth… ME: (Silence) Soni, there’s help for that. SONI: I know. ME: Love it. Whit? WHITNEY: I love my BlendTec, my Bosch, and my Wonder Mill. And Harry Potter. And my iPhone. And childbirth. ME: All good things. And I love Home Depot, and Hobby Lobby. And I add my vote to Harry Potter.

ME: OK, last one. What do you love about being a part of Mercy River? SONI: I love in-depth conversations with Brooke and Whitney that go on for hours. (And it’s still never long enough.) WHITNEY: I love singing with my best friends. ME: Girls! You stole my answer! I 100% concur. I love that I get to travel, perform and rehearse with my best friends. Even failing is a little easier with them next to me. And of course, we love LOVE meeting new people and hearing their stories. WHITNEY AND SONI: We concur.