21 Random Facts About Soni

MercyRiver011 Spouse: Treion (from South Africa)

Number of Kids: 5

Favorite Foods: I love gooey homemade brownies with homemade frosting. Almond Poppyseed Cake...or this this orange cake trifle thing I make...I can't pick just one. Pretty much anything that is slightly undercooked.

Favorite Pastimes: I love learning about deep, doctrinal principles from religious scholars. I also love to watch people. And cook.

Favorite Time of Day: Nap time

Chore You Don't Mind: Cleaning the kitchen

How You Prep for a Performance: Pray a lot and practice hard. I practice a lot in my car because my kids are buckled in and can't get into too much trouble.

Favorite Performance Experience: Time Out For Women, Boise 2010. I was 9 months prego - due any day. I just remember it being such a fun day. I couldn't sing the greatest, but it was a good performance. Then we got on the plane that night to go home, and as soon as I got home I went to bed exhausted. 6 hours later I woke up in labor! A couple hours later went to the hospital and my baby was born.....perfect timing :)


Habit You Are Most Proud of Breaking: I can’t think of anything right now but my husband wishes I would get out of the habit of losing my cell phone so much….maybe I will work on that…then again maybe not.

Quirky Loves: I love the early Spring—when it’s a little cold in the shade, but perfect in the sun. And I love counting. Like stairs, the number of times my kids brush their teeth…

What You’d Do With a Day To Yourself: OK, I would clean my house till 4:00, then I would sit on my couch and just stare out the window and watch cars for awhile, then I would look through all my cookbooks and find the most AMAZING meal and cook it all for myself, and then I would eat as much as I want, then I would clean the kitchen and be happy it was going to stay clean the rest of the night, then I would go to bed at 8:00.

Something Others Might Be Surprised To Learn: I take a bath every day (twice a day in the winter). I am notorious for asking to finish other people's food. I’m in bed every night by 9pm.

Favorite Book: Any history book, but my favorite series is The Great and Terrible by Chris Stewart

One Living Person You’d Love to Meet: Ina Garten or Idina Menzel

Mercy River Jobs: answering all emails, booking, secretary work, storing and hauling the sound equipment

Coveted Super Power: be invisible

Something You’d Never Do: walk through a den of snakes

Afraid Of: wild animals at night, not afraid during the day just when its dark, so it’s kind of hard when camping

Favorite Thing About Brooke: Brooke is SO giving. She makes me want to be a better person. Oh, and she makes the BEST rolls. They’re like biting into a cloud.

Favorite Thing About Whitney: She is so good to encourage me. She really loves me for ME, and wants me to be and do the best I can.

What do you love about being a part of Mercy River: I love in-depth conversations with Brooke and Whitney that go on for hours. (And it’s still never long enough.)