21 Random Facts about Whitney

MercyRiver012Spouse: Rock Number of Kids: 5

Favorite Foods: Popcorn, chicken noodle soup, avocados, cinnamon rolls, Life Cereal, homemade salsa

Favorite Pastimes: I love reading. Remember those days? When I used to read? I love to write—stories and music.

Funniest Performance Experience: In Visalia a few years ago we lost track of time backstage and suddenly heard, “Please welcome, Mercy River!” Brooke started sprinting (and the silent audience could hear the click click click of her heels). Soni was in the bathroom. I pounded on the bathroom door and started sprinting myself. Soni was soon behind me (2 more pairs of clicking heels). We finally all made it onstage and were completely out of breath for the first song. We have laughed long and hard about this.

Recurring Nightmare: Showing up to a performance in my PJs

Something You’re Really Bad At: Wrapping presents.

Least Favorite Song: Christmas Shoes (I know!! I’m SORRY!!!)

Habit You Are Most Proud of Breaking: Being a pack-rat. I used to keep everything for fear that I would “need it one day.” But I’ve trained myself out of that and learned that throwing or giving things away is liberating!

Something Others Might Be Surprised to Learn: I’ve always struggled with stage fright. It’s something I’ve worked really, really hard on. TOFWPasadena_413 Random Pet Peeve: When someone else’s kid tells my kid what happens in Harry Potter before he’s done reading it. (“Oh, you’ve seen all the movies? That’s nice, Jr. I’m happy for you. Now please keep your mouth shut so my son can enjoy THE BOOK SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”)

Quirky Loves: I love my BlendTec, my Bosch, and my Wonder Mill. And Harry Potter. And my iPhone. And childbirth.

Passions: Teaching the gospel to my kids, Internet Safety, natural childbirth, and healthy(ish) eating

How You’d Fill a Day to Yourself: Lay in bed all day with a book and my OWN bowl of popcorn. And I would have all meals delivered to my door so I wouldn’t have to go out or cook.

Afraid Of: sharks, semi trucks, kidnappers, cancer

Coveted Super Power: I would love the power to be able to do things at the speed of light (clean, cook, grocery shop, etc.)

Something You’d Never Do: skydive

Mercy River Jobs: arranging vocal harmony parts, writing music and blog posts, social media, running rehearsals.

Favorite Thing About Brooke: Few people can make me laugh as hard as Brooke can. And she has a gift for calming me down when I have panic attacks. She's one of those girls who's really good at like 17 different things.

Favorite Thing About Soni: Soni is so laid back, easy going, and forgiving. She is sweet and sincere. And she has NO clue how beautiful or talented she is. I find that so endearing.

Favorite Thing About Being in Mercy River: I love singing with my best friends. Being on stage with them feels like home.