Summer Savvy Moms: Tips to THRIVE and Not Just Survive


I love summer. The slower pace, the road trips, the BBQs, the slip ’n slides.


 But along with lots of play, I also love to make summer meaningful. I want to make the most of the 12 weeks I have more of my kids. Yes, that means having fun, but it also means learning, working, reading, managing media, and encouraging positive attitudes so we don’t end up like cats in a bag by July.

For the next 5 days, we will share favorite ideas from our own homes that will help your family THRIVE this summer. I love cute ideas for fun activities, crafts, and projects…but honestly I can only do a few of those each summer (plus, those ideas are a dime a dozen online). What I REALLY want/need/use are more ideas to foster an environment of respect, responsibility, and progress.


And those are the ideas we’ll be sharing next week. Tips to help your family thrive this summer and not just survive it.

Here’s to summer! (Have an Otter Pop on me.)