Here we Go!

Hi it's Brooke! Our first post! We're so excited to have this up and running-there's so much we want to do with our blog! We hope people will send pictures and experiences that we can share, and we hope it'll be a "window" into the lives of Whitney, Soni, and myself.

Tomorrow we have our first radio interview...! Auggh! It will be on the Bob Lonsberry show (570 AM for all you Utahns!) in the morning. We're really excited/nervous, but I think the anticipation is always worse than the actual event. Soni and I made an agreement-if there's a question that stumps us we'll turn it over to Whit-she's good at these kinds of things! Make sure you tune in! And then on to...

Ladies Night! Saturday night we'll be at the downtown Deseret Book during the Priesthood Session of the LDS General Conference, along with Carmen Rasmussen. We're so excited for this! Because the store isn't quite big enough to accommodate the number of women that attend, it will actually be held at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It will be a blast so we hope to see y'all there!

And finally, we're so excited for General Conference! We're so grateful to have a chance to hear from our leaders, and can't wait to hear from our newest prophet, President Thomas S. Monson. We hope you all get a renewed sense of strength and hope from this conference. Thanks for all your love, support and kind words and emails-keep in touch, eh?