Our Crrrraaaazzzzyyyy Weekend!

Brooke again...We survived! First of all-General Conference was amazing! It's so nice to hear from our church leaders. It's amazing how each conference you hear at least one talk that you think, "That was written for me!" They are truly inspired, and we can't wait for October's session! :)

Friday morning we found ourselves nervous and waiting in the control room for our turn on the Bob Lonsberry show. Side note-the nice thing about doing a radio show is you don't have to do your hair or dress up; Ponytails and jeans work great!-Bob was amazing, you'd think he's been doing this for years! :) He made it so easy to just talk and forget about the hundreds of people listening. Singing on the radio was an interesting experience-it's quite different singing in a radio studio than a recording studio! But it was a lot of fun, and we want to thank Bob and his sound guy for making it so enjoyable.
Saturday night we found ourselves in the midst of hundreds of women chatting, laughing, and shopping. We were so excited! It was such a laid back atmosphere, which made it really fun to perform. We sang three different times, for 15 minutes each. In between our performances we had the privilege to hear Carmen Rasmussen. I remember voting for her on American Idol, but as she sang we were looking at each other saying, "She is AMAZING! I can't believe she didn't win that season!" She sounded great, and it was fun to meet her. It was such a fun night-we met so many incredible people. Our favorite story of the night was a girl we met from San Diego. Her stake challenged their youth to read the Book of Mormon-all those who succeeded earned a trip to Utah and tickets to all 4 conferences, and she had completed the challenge. It was so great to see a 13 year old girl absolutely giddy about the opportunity, and she proudly showed us the pages and pages of notes she had already taken. We were so impressed with her spirit and faith.

We have another crazy weekend-Friday we're off to Fresno California for the next Time Out for Women Event. Make sure you come say hi if you're there! We love hearing your incredible stories, and we're constantly inspired by you. Also feel free to email us pics and stories that we can put on our blog. We want this to be about you as well! We love y'all! XOXO

Friday morning-don't we look NERVOUS!

Waiting during a commercial break...

After the ordeal-with Bob! He's so nice!

Signing at Ladies' Night

Carmen Rasmussen...and us!