Time Out Girls!

This weekend we had our 3rd Time Out event-this time we were in sunny Fresno, California. The weather was HEAVEN! Coming from a snowy, rainy, freezing Utah into clear blue skies and 75 degrees was the best welcome we could've received! So we of course were in love with the town the minute we stepped off the plane. We had a great time performing. It was a smaller crowd this time, but oh my, the energy was awesome! The minute we started singing this cute lady in the front got up and danced and sang the whole time. It's so much easier to perform when you have a great audience to feed off of. We performed with the Nashville Tribute Band for the first time. They are so incredible, I'm almost tempted to move to Nashville! It was a lot of fun this weekend.

One of the things we love about travelling to these events is meeting the presenters. Normally we don't have a chance to talk much-we're all rushing, and most of the time we leave the event on Saturday and head straight to the airport. This time though, there were no flights from Fresno Saturday afternoon, so we all flew out Sunday morning. Since we had a Saturday night to kill, the cute Time Out team arranged for us to go to dinner together. It was such a fun night! We learned so much and laughed even more. Thanks y'all, for an unforgettable dinner!

One more Time Out-this weekend we're in Oklahoma City. We love doing this, and love meeting all you fantastic women! Until then...XOXO

Soni was cold at dinner, and thought her bitsy little napkin could keep her warm-she's such a crack-up!
Us and the "gang"-the presenters; Dean Hughes, Ardeth Kapp, Kenneth Cope, Emily Watts, Sharon Larson; and the DARLING Time Out gals! Thanks for the fun night!

PS I need to throw in a "Thank You' to Krista's assistant, Whitney. She was with us through the hand-to-hands, drove us around looking around for a KFC so prego Whitney could have some mashed potatoes, kept us on schedule and Sharpies-in-hand during Ladies' Night, pep-talked us through the Bob Lonsberry show, and is just so fun all around! Thanks Whitney for all your help during those crazy days!