What a crazy week! Sorry for the delay in new posts-I know this is WAY overdue. But better late than never, right? (Right, Krista? :) )

So the reasoning? Whit was crazy busy this week-I was on vacation-and Soni, oh Soni, has now jumped on the pregnancy bandwagon and was basically bed ridden with morning sickness and sheer exhaustion! So there ya go! But we have to talk about Women's Conference! It was a BLAST. We felt like Mormon rockstars! The crowd was so full of energy, we had this unbelievable band playing with us, and it was just too fun. The other performers were so great, it's such an incredible experience to sing with them. Below are some pics from some of the CUTEST girls we've met-thanks girls, for emailing them to us! It was definitely a night we'll never forget, and we hope hope hope we get to do it again next year! (No pressure DB!)

That was just a crazy day anyway-that morning we had the chance to perform on Good Things Utah. OK, these women are basically Utah celebrities, and we know they have quite the fan base, so to be honest, we were more nervous for that than Women's Conference. But oh my, they were nice! We did our best to not think about the thousands of women watching us at that moment, and then tried to avoid eye contact with the cameras, and then...it was over! It went so fast, and as always, the anticipation turned out a lot worse than the actual event. It was really fun! It helped that half the studio audience was made up of our friends and family! :) So thanks friends and family! Those GTU women were even cuter in person than they are on TV, (is that possible?) and we're SO grateful we had the chance to perform. It was such a fun morning. So thanks ABC4!

And last, I wanted to throw in another thank you. We have so many people that do so much for us, so I think I'm going to add a thank you each week, and then maybe by the end of the year we'll have them all mentioned! (Yes, there's that many!) This week's thank you goes to our close friend, songwriter, producer, mentor, etc. Jenny Phillips. She's done so much for us-given us all kinds of opportunities, written us some amazing songs, and has just been such a strong shoulder for us to lean on. We've learned so much from her, and are so grateful to her for giving us a chance to do something more with music. We love you Jenny!

OK kids, that's all for this week. Stay tuned-the three of us need to clean out our cameras and I'm sure there will be some pics posted in the upcoming days! XOXO