Staying Clean

Hi everyone! We had the opportunity to sing at a 24 stake Young Single Adult fireside this last week, and the speaker was...drum roll...Sheri Dew and Wendy Watson Nelson. They did an incredible job, and talked about staying clean in a filthy world. We learned a lot-As Sister Dew put it, it's not that we live in a BAD world, but it's definitely full of filth. One thing she said that stuck in my mind was "Foreordination is not enough." It's not enough to know we were saved for the Latter days. Were we strong in heaven? Yep. Is this a hard time to be on this earth? You bet. Were we saved for this time, because we have certain tasks and responsibilities? I'm sure we were. But it takes more than that knowledge to do what we have been sent to do. I'm big on finding your purpose-I truly believe, (as I always tell the YW in our ward) that we've each been sent with certain talents, strengths, and even weaknesses-because Heavenly Father knew we were the only ones who could take those tools, and use it to further His work. It's fun to be able to sing at these types of events, but I always feel like we come away with so much more.

This week we have two firesides-both at Stake Girls' camps. Now, I don't know about Whit or Soni, but I can't think of a better place to be. I LOVE Girls' camp! We're really excited about this, and excited to perform for the Young Women.

Which leads me to our weekly "Thank You"-(I know, I forgot last week!) With all these firesides, (plus drive time!) I have to send a thank you to our husbands. They are so sweet, and patient with our schedules, and even more, are our biggest fans. (We even call Soni's husband "The Manager"!) So thanks guys-we love you!