Still Learning!

Do you ever have those moments in life when you look back and still kick yourself? You still get that pit in your stomach, and you feel your cheeks getting hot from embarrasment? I think those moments, as awful as they seem, are there to teach us, even humble us. Most days our performances are on and we feel great about it. But other times we feel like we chose the wrong song, or we didn't blend well, or one, or two, or all three of us didn't hit that note. (And when one doesn't hit the note, we all sound off!) We've had several things go on this last month-2 girls' camps, a couple concerts, (and one more fireside tomorrow!), and we've had a mix of those two experiences. I think it's human nature to get discouraged or upset, but if we can learn to take the negative experiences in life, and use them to motivate us and humble us, we'll come away stronger than before. And how will we know what to improve if we don't fail, right? It's a tough lesson, but a valuable one. And one we're all learning. So here ya go, your motivation for the day! Blush over that mistake for the last time-get rid of that pit in your stomach-learn from it and move on to the next. And in the meantime, know we're fighting the same battle!

Our "Thank You" this week goes to Tyler Castleton. He has been the head of the music division at DB and has done so much for us and our album. He's been such a great support, and we're excited to have opportunities to work with him in the future. He's an extremely talented musician, and we feel privileged to know him. And a big welcome to Bob Ahlander, who has taken his place! We're thrilled to work with him and start sharing all our crazy ideas. Heads up, Bob! :) XOXO