1 Down, 2 to Go!

OK, so this is 3 weeks late-but anyone who has had a newborn, or known someone with a newborn, you understand, right? I had my baby! He was a little early, which we expected. What we didn't expect was the 2 weeks of bed rest in the hospital, prior to my c-section! What an adventure that turned out to be! I'll spare you the boring details-long story short, our cute little guy, (and myself!) are both healthy and happy! We had our baby Chase on September 5th-he was 6 lbs. 10 oz. and 19 inches long. He's an absolute doll, even if he does look like an old man! :) I thought I'd share some pictures of our big day with ya'll! Thanks for all the cute emails, and for all the love and support we've gotten!

Me and the hubby

Our daughter holding her brother for the first time!

Our Baby Chase

P.S. A little update on our calendar-we're no longer doing the Fall Time Out tour. It's a little much with 3 babies scheduled in 3 months, (thanks Laurel, for your amazing and inspired insight!) so we're going to rehearse our behinds off, and hope we get a shot at the Spring 2009 Time Out tour. In the meantime we have a couple firesides scheduled-check out our website! And!!!

We will be at the Layton Hills Mall for Ladies Night next weekend! Come have some fun with us, while the boys are attending the Priesthood session of General Conference.