Our WINDY night at Cherry Hill

There's one word to describe our performance at Cherry Hill last weekend: WINDY! Chairs were blowing over, leaves were flying, and a few times we had to really steady ourselves on stage to keep from toppling down ourselves! But it was an experience we will never forget, and despite the wind we had a GREAT time performing at this cute venue.

Singing our last song, "I am a Child of God."

Here is a picture of our three pregnant bellies! These days, we refer to ourselves as "Maternity River." It just seems more fitting. Brooke is due in a few weeks, Whitney follows 6 weeks later and Soni is 6 weeks after that. It wasn't planned this way, but it's kind of convenient!

Here is "Mercy Men," showing off thier growing bellies as well.

Some members of our fan club waiting for the show to begin.

For the record, our kids have dubbed thenselves, "Mercy Kids." Watch out for this rising talent!

The official Mercy River fan club/support group (aka, our families) showed up extra early to get the best seats. We love you!!

The whole Mercy River clan.

Thanks, Cherry Hill! We would love to come back again :)