A Month of Gratitude

A friend of ours had a great idea of blogging about something she's grateful for each day this month. I found that inspiring, but I also found the 30 day blogging thing to be a bit overwhelming, so we'll just do a few!

OK, did that sound bad? Like I don't have 30 things I'm grateful for? Let me clarify-I definitely have A LOT to be thankful for, I just don't think I'd make it to this blog each day to write them all down. There, that sounds better. I've given Whit and Soni each the assignment to do the same, so hopefully there will be some variety here!

Today, I'm going to be super cheesy and say I am grateful for...Whit and Soni. First I'd like to tell you a little about each girl.

Whitney is our creative genius. She has this incredible ear for pitch. She can write a mean harmony, and, it turns out, some amazing songs. She is also our spiritual guru. She pulls things from scriptures that would go over most people's heads. (OK, over mine and Soni's head!) Whitney only sees the good in people. She has a lot of compassion for others-to a point where she carries burdens on her shoulders that don't even belong to her. She's so fun to talk to-I'm not a phone talker, except with Whit. I can bounce off ideas, cry, laugh, and get the reactions I need when I talk to Whitney. Oh, and she's a spit fire. She knows what she wants and she'll work till it happens. I love that.

Soni (aka Sone-dawg) is our heart of the group. She's laid back, sweet, and happy. Soni is often our "middle ground". If Whit and I are on opposite ends of an opinion, Soni will be the gal in the middle who understands both sides. Soni does great on assignments-this works, because Whit and I are bossy, so Soni's happy to indulge us! She's a fabulous cook, and we're constantly asking her for cooking advice. Also, she's a great listener. I can't believe her ears are still attached to her head, for all the ramblings she's had to listen to. There are many times when I think, "I wish I was more like Soni". She's just low key, drama free, and patient. (i.e. at 11:00 PM-two hours past her bedtime, and giddy time for Whitney and I. Bless our Soni!)

I'm so grateful for these girls. Many women know, a group of 3 girls generally equates to a recipe for a disaster. But the longer we perform together, the closer we get. I'm not going to say we never argue-we do, but it's always done with a respect for each other. We're often asked, "Are you all sisters?" I'm never sure how to answer that, because, to be honest, I think of them as sisters. We argue like sisters, we laugh like sisters, we talk like sisters, we love like sisters. Lately we've been faced with some difficult obstacles, but we're learning together, and we're getting through them together. We're so different from each other, but each of our strengths compensate for another's weakness. It just...works.

I'm sure this has been a pointless post for a lot of you. But I justed wanted everyone to know how grateful I am for these women. They are what I love most about Mercy River. If the music part was dropped tomorrow, I would be OK, because I would still have my Whit and Soni.