Ode to Brooke

Before I post my "gratitude post," I had to get Brooke back. Couldn't just let her get away with tooting OUR horns and not toot HERS!

So here goes. (Thanks for indulging us):

We call Brooke the "dad" of our group. For example, whenever Mercy River flies somewhere, the first thing Soni and I do when we walk in the doors of the airport is hand our tickets over to Brooke. No, let me correct that. Brooke pulls out our tickets from her own bag (that she printed off at home) and keeps them in her own hands. Cuz...if she gives them to us we could very well lose them. Then we turn off our thinking caps and follow Brooke around the airport. I shudder to think of myself at the airport without Brooke because then I would actually have to THINK instead of getting lost in my own thoughts.

Admittedly, Soni and I have become super complacent about bringing tracks, scripts, directions, contact information, chewing gum, or food to performances...because we know Brooke will have it all. (We'll make it up to you somehow Brooke.....unless we forget.)

So, besides being super organized and sharp and on the ball, Brooke is a fantastic friend. When I start to panic about something (Mercy River-related or otherwise), Brooke is often the only one who can calm me down. She is a sound voice of reason and comfort.

Brooke has a natural way of making others feel comfortable around her. I think that is why she is so good with young women. And I KNOW that's why Brooke is in charge of booking--she just works so well with other people (sucka!).

Brooke, we absolutely adore you. Mercy River could not survive without your diligence, hard work, patience, nurturing, organization, enthusiasm, and humor (not to mention the hours you have spent on email, Facebook, and this very blog.)