Left Over Halloween Candy: Making it Work for You

It's Halloween night. I have allowed the kids to sort, trade, and devour their candy for a good 30 minutes. Then I announce that everyone must choose one last candy before they surrender it all to me. After all, candy is not good for us. It rots our teeth, makes us unhealthy, and can be addicting. Oh...and Mom likes to secretly eat it through December. But I leave this last part out.

I climb the stairs to my bedroom with the heavy bag of sweets. I stuff it onto my third dresser drawer where it will be safe from little hands. And I smile at the thought of many candy gorging sessions for weeks to come. Not to mention the BRIBING power that the bag brings to me, seeing as how my kids will do ANY thing for the smallest piece of candy. Faith, prayer, and sugar. The three tools of any smart mom.

But listen. The possibilities do NOT end with sweet tooth sessions and bribery. Oh no, my friend. There are MANY ways you can employ your Halloween candy for your benefit. Read on.

1) Lost your wedding ring? (Or...perhaps it has "shrunk"?) No problem. Slip on a Ring Pop and you will be the envy of the neighborhood. Remove before showering or doing dishes.

2) Out of $ for a tip? What waitress wouldn't LOVE a pile of Smartees on the table??

3) Vacuum pack the candy and use it for upcoming holidays. Christmas stockings, Valentine parties, even NEXT Halloween!

4) No need to keep track of your kids in the store. Just let them lose with pockets full of candy. Enjoy your shopping. When done, follow the trail of wrappers to your children and go home.

5) Jazz up bath time! Kids reluctant to bathe? Just dump Pixy Stix powder into the water. Watch as the water turns beautiful pastel colors, and enjoy the aromatherapy benefits as well.

6) Protect your home. Place candy on your porch so you will hear the crunch of the wrappers when an intruder approaches. Then, while he sits down to eat the candy, call the police and go back to bed. Foolproof.

7) Keep a stash in your car. When you are pulled over, brightly smile at the officer and casually ask him if he likes Snickers. Who doesn't feel happier with a little chocolate?

8) Dress up the veggies. Stick a broccoli stalk on top of a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and voila--instant healthy snack for the kids.

9) Melt all chocolate candy together. Pour into a golf club candy mold and let set. What husband wouldn't want a chocolate golf club for his birthday? No need to buy anything else.

10) Sell it on ebay. Who knows? People are weird.

With a little imagination, you can definitely find ways to make your Halloween candy work for YOU. Good luck.