Yes, we're here!

Hello y'all! July has been a small "vacation" month for us! Whit was out for the first two weeks-Soni's out for this entire last week, so besides a rehearsal and a meeting, we've barely seen each other! It's been rather sad, really! But June was nuts, August will be seriously insane, and baby #1 will join our brood of children in September, so it's been great to have some time with our families.

We start back up next week-we will be performing with the rest of the Shadow Mountain artists for the LDSBA Convention on Tuesday, and then we have our last girls' camp for the year on Friday! :( We LOVE doing girls' camps, so we hope we have lots more opportunities next year. Make sure you check our website for the rest of our August concerts! It's quite the month!

We promised a shout out to one of our favorite gals-Gracie Shirley. She's one of the cutest 6 year olds we've met, and she is chock full of talent! She was able to come to one of our firesides in June, and we fell in love with her immediately! So "Hi Gracie! We love you!"